Demi & Justin Duet !?!?

7 Aug

OMG, Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber May Do A Duet. Biggest. Deal. Ever!

POSTED ON August 1, 2011 BY

Demi LovatoNobody pinch us because this would be the most perfect dream ever. As we all know, Demi Lovato‘s been working nonstop on her upcoming album, hitting up the recording studio with Timbaland and Sebastian. And one of those dudes just had to mention the most tease-inducing info ever — a “super duet” could be in the process! When one fan guessed it would be with Justin Bieber, Sebastian responded…

MORE: And the release date for Demi Lovato’s album is….

…with this:

“@AndreaLovesSwag u said justin bieber that is a very very good guess.”

It’s obvs that either Demi’s going to record the best track we’ve ever heard with Justin OR someone very close to him. We’d totally settle for another collab with Selena Gomez. That would be perfectly acceptable.

Imagine a Demi/Justin duet! Think it could happen? If not, who could Sebastian be talking about? Take a guess in the comments!

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