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22 Sep
  • TheLove01 > Famousfi: do you think i would make a good role model ?
    • 532263_avatarFamousfi: yeah sure!!!!!! your one of MY role models 🙂


My Fan

7 Aug

Laneah See Her On Her Journey To Acting !


Demi & Justin Duet !?!?

7 Aug

OMG, Demi Lovato & Justin Bieber May Do A Duet. Biggest. Deal. Ever!

POSTED ON August 1, 2011 BY

Demi LovatoNobody pinch us because this would be the most perfect dream ever. As we all know, Demi Lovato‘s been working nonstop on her upcoming album, hitting up the recording studio with Timbaland and Sebastian. And one of those dudes just had to mention the most tease-inducing info ever — a “super duet” could be in the process! When one fan guessed it would be with Justin Bieber, Sebastian responded…

MORE: And the release date for Demi Lovato’s album is….

…with this:

“@AndreaLovesSwag u said justin bieber that is a very very good guess.”

It’s obvs that either Demi’s going to record the best track we’ve ever heard with Justin OR someone very close to him. We’d totally settle for another collab with Selena Gomez. That would be perfectly acceptable.

Imagine a Demi/Justin duet! Think it could happen? If not, who could Sebastian be talking about? Take a guess in the comments!

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7 Aug

Rebecca Black’s Next Single is Perfect for “Driving Down The Highway!” Her Words, Not Ours (Exclusive Video)

POSTED ON August 3, 2011 BY

In case you didn’t get the memo, it’s Rebecca Black‘s moment, you guys. So we just had to get the girl-of-the-moment into our office so we could grill her on, ya know, the days of the week what it’s like hanging out with her “big sister” Katy Perry, silencing the haters, and generally just being famous. Plus, she told us that her next single is one that’s perfect for “driving down the highway,” which is exactly what she sings about in “Friday,” too! We swear, she said that. Cut to 1:20 for proof…


MORE: Watch the Official Music Video for Rebecca Black’s “My Moment”!

Watch the video below!

Rebecca Black’s EP comes out soon! What do you think of Rebecca? Do you think she’s talented? Tell us in the comments!

And stay tuned to for another hilarious Rebecca Black video! One word hint: “Friday.”

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Laneahs News

6 Aug

Im Trying To start my career right now and I’m so excited getting to your dream’s and goal’s takes alot of work and I understand that .

Check It Out !

6 Aug

Check out the Cierra&Laneah Show 🙂@youtube

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Hello world!

6 Aug

Welcome to The Real Laneah

About Laneah Loves to Act

Im 15years old

  • Laneah Overall, From Louisville,Kentucky Laneah did play’s In Elementary School And Sung Twinkel Little Star with class mate’s
  • She was an Extra for Upcoming movie So Undercover when she was little she would watch Disney Channel and act along with the actor’s on there her Favorite show was Hannah Montana Starring:Miley Cyrus she would act like Miley and Hannah Then She heard about Wizard’s Of Waverly Place Then just got attached then started to play Selena’s Role she new selena was going to get big she would cry cause she always wanted to meet her but she knew It would never happen That’s One In a Million For that to happen In 2010 Laneah heard about disney casting calls In Nashville but she didn’t make It But didn’t Give up Now she Is just trying to make It there. Now laneah Is a sophomore In High school Hoping one day her dream’s will come true .